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Snow Cone Machine Recommended Instructions


The snow cone machine includes: a 110 volt, single phase, 60 cycle, AC current motor with a toggle switch, shaving unit, dispensing case, and separate light switch inside the case.


 An ice-shaving blade is mounted on the end of the motor shaft inside the shaver body. The pusher handle presses the ice against the revolving blade to produce the shaved ice.

**Never put your fingers or any object into the shaver body while the motor is running. Serious injury may occur.

(Vista Party Rentals does not assume any liability for injury due to careless handling and/or reckless operation of this equipment).

**Never allow any foreign or metallic objects around the shaver area of the machine. Ice picks, scoops, and debris that may be in the ice often damage the blades.


Operating instructions


1.  Fill the gooseneck an inch from the top with ice cubes or 3"x4" pieces of ice (the larger the ice chunks, the better the snow).


2.  Turn the power switch to the ON position. Apply firm downward pressure to the pusher handle to make the best snow. Practice will allow you to gauge when to stop pressing.

This allows the ice to resettle against the shaver head. Too much pressure will result in snow that is coarse; too little pressure will make the snow mushy.

3.  Do NOT force the handle.


4.  Scoop and serve the ice, adding flavor after the ice is in a cone.


6.  Unplug snow cone machine when not in use.

7.  Do not put anything other than ice on the gooseneck. Doing so may damage the blades.


 8. Keep fingers away from the shaver body when motor is running to prevent injury.


Cleaning instructions

1.  Turn off and unplug the machine

 2.  Empty machine and wipe all surfaces with a damp towel.Enter content here

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