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                                     Cotton Candy Machine Operating Instructions                                                                                                                                             

Electrical Requirements:

  •      Maximum amp draw for the ECONO-FLOSS at 120 volts is 9 amps.

       •       This figure is an approximation and may vary slightly. An overloaded electric circuit will not

                allow ECONO-FLOSS to make cotton candy.

  •       The power supply cord is equipped with a machine ground (the tubular prong). For safety, always

                plug the machine into a grounded receptacle.


Operating Instructions:

  •        Floss head rotates at 3450 RPM. Operator must keep hands and face clear of the floss head and

                 keep spectators at a reasonable distance.

  •        Machine must be plugged into a grounded outlet to prevent electrical shock.
  •        Place the machine on a sturdy table or countertop with the controls facing the operator.
  •        Unscrew the two transport screws on the unit on either side of the floss head. Do NOT run the

                 machine with these screws in the "up" position.

  •        Place the Floss Bowl on the motor assembly. It rests on the rubber stoppers on the motor

                 assembly- it does not connect or hook to the machine in any way.

       •         Fill the floss head with one cup or less of floss sugar. When adding sugar to the floss head,

                  always fill it 90% full to obtain a balanced condition in the head and eliminate vibration. DO NOT

                  add sugar with motor running!

  •         Turn on both the heat and the motor switches, and turn the heat on high until you start to see the

                   floss forming. Then turn the heat back to a medium setting. After warm up, equipment should

                   make good floss at a reduced setting. Never let the machine operate with the heat so high it

                   produces smoke or causes the sugar to burn.


Making Floss:

  •          Pick a cone; if it sticks in the stack of cones, twist it off the stack.
  •          Hold an inch or two of the pointed end of the cone between two fingers and a thumb. With a light

                   flicking action, roll cone in the web of floss building up in the pan.

  •          Lift the cone up with the ring of floss attached and rotate the cone to wrap the floss.

      •            DO NOT roll floss while the cone is inside the pan. This will pack the floss too tightly.

  •          Shut Down Procedure
  •          When completing operation for the day (or any prolonged period), run all the sugar out of the floss


  •           When empty, turn the heat to highest position for approximately one minute to "clean" the band

                    by baking off remaining sugar. NEVER put water in the floss head.

  •           Clean the floss bowl and clear bubble with plain water. The sugar should easily dissolve after a

                    minute or two. Wipe dry.

  •           Wipe the body of the machine with a wet cloth to dissolve any sugar that may have collected on

                     it. Wipe dry.


*Adapted from the Gold Medal Owner's Manual.

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